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The MI10 team includes a multidisciplinary collection of clinicians, AI practitioners, data scientists, technologists & AI entrepreneurs.

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Anthony Chang


Dr. Chang attended Johns Hopkins University for his B.A. in molecular biology prior to entering Georgetown University School of Medicine for his M.D. He then completed his pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital National Medical Center and his pediatric cardiology fellowship at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He then accepted a position as attending cardiologist in the cardiovascular intensive care unit of Boston Children’s Hospital and as assistant professor at Harvard Medical School.

He has been the medical director of several pediatric cardiac intensive care programs (including Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Miami Children’s Hospital, and Texas Children’s Hospital). He served as the medical director of the Heart Institute at Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

He is currently the Chief Intelligence and Innovation Officer (CIIO) and Medical Director of the Heart Failure Program at Children’s Hospital of Orange County. He has also been named a Physician of Excellence by the Orange County Medical Association and Top Cardiologist, Top Doctor for many years as well as one of the nation’s Top Innovators in Healthcare.

He has completed a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Health Care Administration at the University of Miami School of Business and graduated with the McCaw Award of Academic Excellence. He also completed a Masters in Public Health (MPH) in Health Care Policy at the Jonathan Fielding School of Public Health of the University of California, Los Angeles and graduated with the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence. He later taught Global Health there. Finally, he graduated with his Masters of Science (MS) in Biomedical Data Science with a subarea focus in artificial intelligence from Stanford School of Medicine and has completed a certification on artificial Intelligence from MIT. He is a computer scientist-in-residence and a member of the Dean’s Scientific Council at Chapman University.

He has helped to build a successful cardiology practice as a startup company and was able to complete a deal on Wall Street. He is known for several innovations in pediatric cardiac care, including introducing the cardiac drug milrinone and co-designing (with Dr. Michael DeBakey) an axial-type ventricular assist device in children. He is a committee member of the National Institute of Health pediatric grant review committee. He is the editor of several textbooks in pediatric cardiology, including Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care, Heart Failure in Children and Young Adults, and Pediatric Cardiology Board Review.

He is the founder of the Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society (PCICS) that launched the multi-disciplinary focus on cardiac intensive care for children. He is also the founder of the Asia- Pacific Pediatric Cardiac Society (APPCS), which united pediatric cardiologists and cardiac surgeons from 24 Asian countries and launched a biennial meeting in Asia that now draws over 1,000 attendees.

He is the founder and medical director of the Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute (MI3) that is supported by the Sharon Disney Lund Foundation. The institute is dedicated to implement data science and artificial intelligence in medicine and is the first institute of its kind in a hospital. The new institute is concomitantly dedicated to facilitate innovation in children and health care all over the world. He is the organizing chair for the biennial Pediatrics2040: Emerging Trends and Future Innovations meeting as well as the founder and director of the Medical Intelligence and Innovation Summer Internship Program, which mentors close to 100 young physicians-to-be every summer. He has organized a pediatric innovation leadership group called the International Society for Pediatric Innovation (iSPI).

He intends to build a clinician-computer scientist interface to enhance all aspects of data science and artificial intelligence in health and medicine. He currently lectures widely on big data and artificial intelligence in medicine (he has been called “Dr. A.I.” by the Chicago Tribune and has given a TEDx talk as well as on the Singularity University faculty) (1). He has published review papers on big data and predictive analytics as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence in medicine (2)(3). He has completed a book project with a book series with Elsevier: Intelligence-Based Medicine: Principles and Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Medicine and Health Care and is the editor-in-chief of the journal of the same title. He is the founder and organizing chair of many Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AI Med) meetings in the U.S. and abroad (Europe and Asia) that will focus on artificial intelligence in healthcare and medicine ( He intends to start a new group for clinicians with a special focus on data science and artificial intelligence as Medical Intelligence Society, or MIS. Finally, he is the dean of the nascent American Board of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (ABAIM) that will have education and certification of artificial intelligence in clinical medicine and health care as its mission.

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Zhen Xu


Over 18 years of IT industry experience including global alliances, consulting, sales and more with corporations such as Oracle.

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David Schneider


Expert in medical systems design and architecture, software engineering, predictive analytics and big data, having designed and implemented several national-scale projects.

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Mijanou Pham

Business Development

Over 10 years leveraging events and marketing strategies to grow businesses nationally & internationally in a range of industries from healthcare to finance.

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Ken Grant

Board Advisor

Specializing in change leadership, he leverages more than 30 years of healthcare leadership & is a board-certified medical informaticist.

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Sam King

Board Advisor

More than 30 years of experience in healthcare IT, big data and informatics. He is the past president of HIMSS Southern California.


Sharief Taraman

Board Advisor

Board-certified medical informaticist with more than 15 years of healthcare IT experience from small to large systems, including an AI startup.

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Spyro Mousses

Scientific Advisor

Widely recognized leading expert in the application of genomics, systems biology and machine learning.

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Chris Yoo

Strategy Advisor

Former IBM Healthcare leader with expertise in advanced cognitive computing technology to translate big data into valuable insights.


Steve Ardire

Strategy Advisor

AI startup advisor & "force multiplier" who shapes serendipity to connect and illuminate the dots that matter.


Arlen Meyers

Strategy Advisor

President and CEO of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs and expert on biomedical entrepreneurship.


Steven Lund


Over 25 years partnership experience with Apple, Cisco, HP, 5 startups (founder of 2 startups) Expert in AI, ML, Big Data and Healthcare